Oillet services



Oillet Services Ltd is a limited liability incorporated under the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Act . The Company was registered on October 13, 2013.

Oillet Oill Mills Process Palm kernel nut into crude palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake .

Also processes soybean throw extrusion then via oil press to get soybean oil and soya meal.

Oillet Services Ltd also produce and processes soybean seeds into full fat soya meal through extrusion technology and with its state-of the-art facilities.

What makes us unique from others is our credibility in producing high-quality products and providing top-notch services.

Oillet Services Ltd, Oil Mill Plant is located in Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Lufaope, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Incorporated in 2013

Statistics Overview:
Capacity Per/Day 50 TPD(Crude Palm Kernel Oil )
Expected production per/day 30TPD ( Livestock Feeds)
100% Equity Financed